Donna asks…

looking for info and seed for cacti/succulent for a elementary school class project?

Our school is going to have a project on growing plants from seeds, especially cacti and succulents. Who can help us with more information (English, Dutch, French, German language welcome). If anyone could send us some spare seeds of any kind of cactus or succulent, that would also be very helpful. We don't have a budget, but we are willing to pay the postage. Thank you very much. Teacher Erik and students.
Teacher Erik,
76, Bainien Road,
32560 Longtan

landscapeliving answers:

My cacti are bloming now, if I get seed I'll let you know. I have about 4-6 blooming or budding now.

Charles asks…

How to grow cacti and succulents from seeds, and who could send us some seeds?

Our class, 1st grade elementary school is doing a project on Cacti and succulents. We would like to learn how to grow them from seeds. Who could give us some more information, and who could send us some seeds? (Any kind and any amount will do). Please send the seeds to our teacher: Teacher Erik, 76, Bainien Road, 32560 Longtan, Taiwan.
Thank you very much.

landscapeliving answers:

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! Tension Release!!! Had to be done!!! HAD to be done!!!!!

Sandra asks…

Example of a non-succulent xerophyte?

Hi I'm doing a biology project and I really (emphasis on really) need an example of a non succulent xerophyte?
Any and all help appreciated!

landscapeliving answers:

Marram Grass.

Chris asks…

Succulent plants in my ball python's cage ?

I'm getting a ball python for a biology project and I have to create an "ecosystem" for it. Pretty much make the cage as close to its natural habitat (which is the savanna?) as possible.

I bought three really small succulent plants yesterday. They have NO spokes at all--they're NOT cacti. I know I should just use fake plants but there are no fake plants that seem like they would fit within the environment im trying to make. I just wanna know if they're toxic for the snake or if they could raise any other health problems.

And feel free to suggest any other plants I could use :)
here's a link to the picture of the plants.

landscapeliving answers:

Those plants look fine...just try to stay away from plants that secrete a wax like eucalyptus or Aloe Vera. I don't see those plants lasting long witha ball python. If a ball python chose to climb on them I do not think they could support its weight and could snap the stalk. Also, get rid of most of the potting soil because it has fertilizers that could harm the snake. You're going to have to find some natural vermiculite or commercial soil with no added fertilizers.

Philodendrens and Pothos are great plants that can withstand the "trampeling" a ball python can subject them to. They really aren't a savannah plant, but they work extremely well in almost all types of cage habitats. You might also try a ficas, they tend to do well with larger bodied snakes.

David asks…

Is polymeric sand toxic to plants?

I have some leftover polymeric sand from a brick paving project and was wondering if I could use it to make a cacti/succulent potting soil mix. Is this safe for the plants or will it glue up the roots when watered? I intended to use half regular potting soil and half sand. Would rinsing the sand first to activate the polymer and then breaking it up make it safe?

landscapeliving answers:

"If you had faith as a grain of mustard seed, you could say to this sycamine tree, `Be rooted up, and be planted in the sea,' and it would obey you.

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