William asks…

How much osmacote do I put into a 18" hanging basket?

The baskets are going to be mainly full of annual flowers. Petunias, bacopa, calibrachoa. They are around 12" deep. I also have some that are , I think 12". They are the hanging baskets that you see most ofter in department stores and nursuries, usually green. I live in zone 8.

landscapeliving answers:

You can't really say exactly, just by zone and species. (Zone mostly refers to temperatures.)

I'd put a little extra in hanging baskets, especially if they drain freely -- as compared to ones with a catchment. There really is no one type of hanging basket... Is it literally a basket, eg. Made of fiber?

Also, what sort of soil will you be using? I prefer to use premixed potting soil for container plants, which often comes with fertilizer already in there.

That said, annuals are pretty hard to burn, especially if you get lots of rain and your baskets drain. But if you fertilize them too much, they can get leggy.

In the end, the only ways to get the perfect combination are trial and error or local experience. Have you tried looking up your local cooperative extension? These are educational facilities dedicated to helping all sorts of gardeners, and they will have location-specific information.

David asks…

We found 2 eggs from a bird's nest inside our hanging basket.What should we do? We relocated the eggs nearby.

The 2 eggs were inside a flower hanging basket on the front porch of our home.

landscapeliving answers:

I want to clear up one thing that people seem to think that if you touch a baby bird or the birds eggs that the birds will not come back to the nest because of the human scent. That is a false statement.

I have over 30 years working with birds including wild birds and they are very good parents and dedicated to their eggs and chicks.
The reason that a bird many abandon a nest is because the eggs are no good and the birds have the instinct to know that, therefore there is no reason for them to stay in the nest.

If the parents have thrown out a new baby bird from the nest it is because they have the instict to know the baby bird is ill, and only the strong survive in the wild.

Not always when you find a baby bird on the ground that has all it feathers means it accidently fell out of the nest it may mean the parents are teaching it to be on its own, and the parents will be close by to watch over the baby bird.

So unless you have a problem with the eggs being in the planter I would leave them alone, incubation time on small eggs dont take long and if the babies hatch you would be surprised how fast they grow and one day you will see they have flown away from the planter.

Certified Avian Specialist



Michael asks…

right againtst neighbours?

we dont speak to our neighbours and we have been told they are intending in hanging flower baskets from our shed which is on our property they cant do this without our consent can they,they are council and we are private. what action should we take

landscapeliving answers:

Since your property is private, they have no legal right to hang their baskets from your shed. Even if yours was a council property, chances are they could not make use of your leasehold property unless exterior grounds were specifically identified as common property in the lease or rental agreements.

Good luck with your situation.

Chris asks…

where is the strangest or cutestplace you ever found a birds nest?

strangest- in my grandfathers car
cutest- in my hanging flower basket on my porch

landscapeliving answers:

In my barbecue

Ruth asks…

When will Winter Pansies flower until?

They are still going really strong, i took down my winter hanging basket today and replanted them into tubs as i thought it would be a shame to throw them away. There are evern new flowers still coming on them.

Will they flower all summer?

landscapeliving answers:

They go on for ages, they come out in the winter because they tolerate the cold weather, but also thrive if looked after in the summer.

Any reasons for the thumbs down, seems rather silly for three good replies.

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